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Heart Wired Sound Inc.




Heart Wired Sound Inc is a production & post-production sound mixing for film & new media service by NYC based freelance audio engineer & artist Hayley Wagner.

“My compass is to follow the signal path through production & post-production to deliver in-line with Intent. With my experience on set & in the studio, I am a sound engineer as well as theorist and artist who collaborates with the visions of others to create impactful pieces of new media with another dimension.”

Often times, the sound mixer is one of the only people on set to interact, physically, with your talent. My goal is to approach these scenarios with a new level of awareness and respect. As we become more aware of how our interactions with each other, affect each other - I strive to bring a new level of consideration and sensitivity to these vulnerable interactions - to create safer, more comfortable, working spaces.

As Heart Wired Sound Inc, Hayley brings over 10 years of professional sound mixing experience & a large, versatile collection of equipment on hand, as well as a diverse network of connections to source anything we may need to get the job done.

“The world’s continual breathing is what we hear and call silence.” – Clarice Lispector


Tisch School of the Arts